Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – No Win, No Fee

Over the last 20 years, millions of homes in the UK have been insulated with cavity wall insulation. For the vast majority of these, the installations of this insulation will have been carried out correctly. However, we believe hundreds of thousands of properties have had cavity wall insulation installed that was not done so in accordance with CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) best practice and manufacturer’s cavity wall insulation installation guidelines, and that this has led to problems with damp. 

AS A RESULT OF THIS, PROPERTIES ARE NOW SUFFERING SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE WHICH COULD ADVERSELY AFFECT THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY. It is now apparent that, as a result of these sub standard practices, the cavity wall insulation is causing more harm than good to homeowners’ properties. These properties are now often experiencing damp, condensation, rotten woodwork and failing wall ties, not to mention the damage caused to interior decorations and furnishings. How has this happened?

  • Poor regulation and auditing
  • Poor surveying standards
  • Poor installation practices
  • Poor suitability assessments
  • Poor product choice by installers
  • Poor record keeping and administration
  • Poor training and monitoring
  • Inadequate guarantees and compliance processes

What has this meant for homeowners? Many people have begun to notice problems with damp in their properties following the installation of cavity wall insulation, but to date have not been clear on what action they can or should take. We at Eco Planet Solutions, have had many years experience in the Cavity Wall insulation industry and having carried out significant research followed by a 12 month trial period. Working alongside our RIC’s accredited surveyosr and our partnered team of industry specialist solicitors, we believe we are well placed to receive the best advice available. We can supply you an unparalleled claims service resulting in the maximum settlement to return your home to its pre-loss condition (before the cavity wall insulation was installed). Our agreement If your property has suffered from cavity wall insulation problems,

We will in conjunction with our Panel Solicitor:

  1. work solely on your behalf in relation to your claim
  2. always work in your best interests
  3. protect all of your data and will work confidentially
  4. the Solicitor will negotiate your settlement on the best possible terms
  5. keep you informed on a monthly basis
  6. offer you a fully transparent service
  7. make ourselves available to audit
  8. always seek to provide the best possible advice

Common Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

  • Damp Interior Walls
  • Rotten Woodwork
  • Blocked Air Vents
  • Damaged Brickwork
  • Insect Infestation

If you have any of these problems then YOU may be entitled to compensation.