How We Can Help You

Why should your health or property suffer due to poorly installed or damaged cavity wall insulation? If your cavity wall installation company, your insurer or even surveyors are at fault and they have failed to detect or rectify the damaged insulation, then we may be able to put it right at NO COST TO YOU.

Our job is to establish who is responsible for liability, to recover the costs from the responsible party on your behalf and then repair the damage for you.

Our Promise to You

  • We will ‘fight your cause’ to establish who is at fault and who will be funding the restoration
  • Once established, we will communicate with all parties, surveyors building repair companies and any other party involved with your installation to agree on the costs for reinstatement
  • Once this is approved, we will work with you to agree on an acceptable program of works and relevant timescales
  • When liability is established, we will ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to and that your property is put back into its previous condition

All of this is at no cost to you, as our costs will be covered by the entity responsible for your cover.

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